Michael Hearne and SXSW at Daddy Sam’s Saturday, March 23.

Michael and band will be performing Saturday to a sold out crowd.

Doors at 6: dinner 6:30; concert 7

“Michael Hearne’s destiny has been tangled in
wire and wood since he first laid his hands on
a guitar at the age of seven. With a natural ear
for harmony and an aptitude for picking, it
wasn’t long before a young Michael Hearne
was a fixture at parties and local events in his
childhood hometown of Dallas. By the age of
sixteen he had honed his skills on the guitar
and, without a doubt in his mind about his
destiny, he hit the road as a touring musician.

Michael’s career over the next few decades
would take him across the southwest and
beyond. Calling the mountains of northern New
Mexico home for many years, Michael shared
his talents as a singer, songwriter, and picker
in bars, listening rooms and dance halls
throughout the region. In the 1980’s, he toured
as a member of Michael Martin Murphey’s
band, recording on Murphey’s 1982 self-titled
album for Liberty Records. Hearne has penned
songs for Jerry Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn
(“Lesson to be Learned from Love”) and his
New Mexico anthem, “New Mexico Rain,” was
recorded by country music legend Johnny
Rodriguez as well as by his uncle and aunt, Bill
and Bonnie Hearne. Michael has also
co-written with Mentor Williams, Andy Byrd,
Shake Russell, Keith Sykes, and many others”

Contact Nocona Nights at noconanights@gmail.com to get on waiting list for season tickets in July, should they become available.

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