Concert Venues

the veranda inn events center

The Veranda Inn Events Center. Size matters when you expect a crowd, and the Veranda is a spacious hall perfect for our concerts. BYOB 1523 Hwy 82, Nocona


daddy sam's saloon

Daddy Sam’s Saloon. Performers and patrons enjoy the Western décor and downtown location of this venue. It offers musicians the opportunity to share their stories and songs — a listening venue that draws patrons and musicians together. BYOB 314 Clay Street, Nocona

 ***Doors open at 6 p.m. Dinner 6:30 p.m. and concert 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

10 responses to “Concert Venues

  1. Sally Boyd

    Hello! How do I purchase tickets to an event? I was looking at the November 14th event. Thank you! Sally Boyd

  2. Mia & Richard Munson

    I have been dogging Hot Club of Cowtown for years. Any chance I can purchase 2 tickets for Sept. 29. Know it is your Patron night but I am hopeful! Thank you! Mia Munson

    • Clint Brown

      Call Nell ann at Nocona chamber 940-825-3526 and get on waiting list. Not a good chance but since event is on a Thursday night might be a possibility. Wish we had more room. And /or get on Patron waiting list and enjoy a whole year of great performances. Best deal in north Texas , which you will recognize from our lineup. Festival and Christmas and Valentine usually have individual tickets available. Thanks. Clint

  3. Mia & Richard Munson

    Thank you Clint! We are on the waitlist.



  5. Clint Brown

    All tickets are sold out a year in advance. Any that come available go to guests of Patrons. Thanks for your interest.

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