We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting our new patrons this fall! Our first concert is much like a reunion as patrons scramble around the hall greeting one another!

We want to congratulate our friends and patrons Bob & Kristal Ferguson and Carolyn & Rusty Fenoglio with the opening of Red River Station Inn, a boutique hotel, located downtown. It’s a beautiful addition to our town, and we hope you stop in and say hello.

The Robertson family, owners of Times Forgotten recently opened Times Forgotten Tavern. It too is a welcome addition to downtown.

Three locations will be utilized this season: Daddy Sam’s Saloon, The V, and The Veranda Inn Events Center. See the schedule for location.


  • Doors open 6 p.m.
  • Dinner served 6:30 p.m.
  • Concert 7 p.m.
  • BYOB at Daddy Sam’s Saloon and The Veranda.
  • Setups and drinks are available at The V, or patrons may BYOB

14 responses to “Information

  1. Pam Leitner

    I’d like to purchase tickets for the The Rifters Show in November 2016? How can we do that?

    • Season tickets will go on sale in July. We usually sell out for the year right away. Any specific shows will have to have a waiting list in the event there is a cancellation. Unless you are a Patron and they get first priority for guests. Our seating is so limited we don’t have room for everyone. Let me know if u want on the waiting list. Sorry. Thanks Clint

    • Pam Leitner

      Thanks Clint, we’d love that. I will contact the Chamber to get on the list.
      Pam Leitner

    • Pam Leitner

      Thanks Clint, we’d love that. But I thought The Rifters were on November 19th and this schedule shows the October 15th. Can you confirm they are not playing on November 19th? If they are, I will contact the Chamber to get on the list.
      Pam Leitner

      • Pam. Hope you got on list. We’re sending out patron letters soon. I think you’ve seen the lineup this year. Festival and Christmas ball and Valentine usually have individual tickets available. Come check us out. Thanks. Clint

  2. Are there any tickets available for Sat. March 5th with Deryl Dodd, Larry Joe Taylor, and Dave Perez?

    • We’ll know Friday. Sunday afternoon will be open to the public. See posting I just put on website. call Nocona Chamber to get on waiting list and we’ll try. Sorry, very limited seating. Chamber is 940 825 3526

  3. Louetta Schwab

    How do I get tickets for the Hot Club of Cowtown, September 29?

  4. 9/29 hot club. Few if any tickets available. Sold out.

    11/19. Rifters and HoneyHouse and Michael Hearne. Should be plenty of tickets as that is part of two day music festival

  5. Randal J Pogatshnik

    what is are the chances of getting tickets for Ray Wylie Hubbard in October?

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